Verena H.

How has the progress of the disease affected you until now?

It started with night blindness when I was 12 years old. Vision in the darkness was decreasing. At the age of 21 I noticed first visual field defects and increased glare sensitivity. I am glad that despite RP I can still be so active: I like being in nature, playing tennis, go swimming, hiking and sometimes canyoning.


How did you hear about TES therapy?

The first time I heard about the TES therapy was at the international congress of PRO RETINA in Hamburg. PRO RETINA is a self-help group for patients suffering from eye disease. I can only recommend the membership to every RP patient. This has opened many doors for me. I received access to the TES therapy in the eye clinic in Tübingen as part of the medical treatment.


How do you use the TES therapy?

I use the TES therapy on my own, usually once a week for half an hour. The application is very easy and does not restrict me in any way. The support provided by the Retina Implant team is excellent. Everyone is very open-minded and can always help me with my questions.


What does TES therapy do for you?

The TES Therapy gives me the confidence to do the best possible against the progression of the disease. In addition to the therapy, my family and my friends who support me are a big help for me. That gives me hope and leaves me optimistic.

Can you recommend the RI OkuStim?

First of all, I wish all RP patients and their relatives that they do not give up hope and do not stick to the restrictions. I can recommend OkuStim, because the handling of the device is easy to learn, the therapy causes no pain and can be carried out independently at home.