The path to my RI therapy

The path to my RI therapy

We will accompany you on your path to RI OkuStim® therapy from your first appointment until you begin therapy.


Individual consultation

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the treatment of retinitis pigmentosa during an individual consultation session. We will help you to find a doctor or clinic and arrange a first appointment if you would like. Please contact us directly. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Individual counselling


Diagnosis and therapy eligibility

RI OkuStim® therapy is intended for those suffering from retinitis pigmentosa. For comparable retinal dystrophies, RI OkuStim® can only be used after consultation with your ophthalmologist. During your first appointment, your doctor will make a diagnosis and determine whether RI OkuStim® is the right treatment for you and your condition. Once eligibility has been confirmed, you will receive a prescription for your individual RI OkuStim® therapy.


Paying for RI OkuStim®

In Germany, you will receive your RI OkuStim® system from a certified low-vision optician who will ensure delivery, technical service and support.

Upon request of the patient, health insurance companies can decide with so-called individual case assessments whether they will bear the costs of treatment for the patient to receive the desired service.

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Training sessions

You are essentially able to carry out RI OkuStim® therapy on your own once the individual therapy has been adjusted by your doctor. However, we recommend about four training sessions at a certified RI Competence Centre or a certified low-vision optician.



Therapy plan and implementation

The basis for implementing RI OkuStim® therapy is a therapy plan prepared by your consultant ophthalmologist. Generally: One session of electrical stimulation per week of 30 minutes each.


Medical check-up

A check-up at an RI Competence Centre is required at least every six months. During the check-up the extent to which RI OkuStim® therapy has had an influence on the course of the disease will be examined. Whether your eyes are healthy and therapy can continue will also be checked. During these check-ups, you will receive prescriptions for the RI OkuEl® electrodes, which you can obtain from one of our certified low-vision opticians.

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