Achieving More Together

Achieving More Together

Basic statutes of our collaboration with patient organisations

At Retina Implant AG we have set ourselves the task to develop innovative therapies and products to support people with visual impairment or blindness as a result of degenerative retinal conditions. Nobody has better knowledge of the needs and requirements of visually impaired people than patient organisations. They know best what patients want and need.

We would like to contribute to improving patients‘ access to therapies and other services. We therefore strive towards a collaborative relationship with patient organisations.
Naturally we respect their impartiality, and in our conduct we adhere to the requisite ethical and legal principles. The bases for our partnership are the statutes of the individual patient organisations, the Code of Medical Products of the Federal Association of Medcial Technology Germany as well as our own Retina Implant Compliance Guideline.

Most importantly, however, mutual respect, trust and transparency have to be at the heart of a successful co-operation.
Any form of donation (financial contributions, project sponsorship, events, etc.) will be recorded and made in accordance with the separation principle under the Healthcare Compliance guideline. The exclusive objective for any collaboration is the welfare of visually impaired or blind people.

An overview of patient organisations

Retina Implant supports the global activities of Retina International

Retina Implant supports the endeavours of Retina International, the global umbrella organization of 33 patient-led charities and voluntary groups. Retina International has the goal of supporting research into rare and genetically inherited as well as age-related forms of retinal dystrophies.
Retina Implant is member of the Retina International Network of Partners (RINP), one of the branches of activity Retina International. The RINP is designed to be a platform for ongoing engagement and discussion on the objectives of developing educational tools and awareness campaigns that will bring about a better quality of life for individuals and families affected by retinal dystrophies. It is attended by patient and industry representatives from all around the world.
For more information about Retina International, please follow this link.

Retina Implant AG is a member of PRO RETINA Deutschland e.V.

For further information about PRO RETINA Deutschland e.V. please follow the link:

Retina Implant AG is a donor of the HEM-Schwerger Foundation

Retina Implant AG is a donor of the HEM-Schwerger Foundation

For further information about the HEM-Schwerger Foundation please follow the link:

Retina Implant AG works together with Retina France

We work in a professional and close exchange with Retina France, the largest French organization for RP patients. For more information on visual loss and support for a life with retinitis pigmentosa in France, please visit


Retina Implant maintains a close professional dialogue with Retina UK

We work in close professional exchange with Retina UK, the leading medical research charity and nationwide organisation providing support and information for people affected by inherited retinal dystrophies.
For further information about Retina UK and their work please visit:

Retina Implant AG maintains a close professional relationship with Retina Swiss

We work in close professional dialogue with Retina Suiss, the Swiss Patient Support Group for People with Retinitis Pigmentosa.
For further information about Retina Swiss please visit:

Retina Implant AG informs about the DBSV

Information about sight loss and support for a life with visual impairment can be found at organisations supporting self-help: the German Federation of the Blind and Partially Sighted (DBSV) the self-help organisation for people affected by or facing sight loss. Read more: