Advice from A to Z

Advice from A to Z

As experts for retinitis pigmentosa we are acutely aware of the importance of competent advice and support. For this reason we pursue a holistic support-concept at Retina Implant. We accompany you on your journey from the first contact. We will answer any questions you may have about implant and therapy, help you in finding a hospital, provide aftercare and support the application of the therapy.

Individual Consultation and Support

A diagnosis of retinitis pigmentosa raises many personal questions. For this reason we offer support tailored to the needs of affected people and take the time to analyse the individual situation. Depending on the progression of your retinitis pigmentosa, and following a thorough eligibility assessment, we will discuss with you the options for your pathway with implant or therapy.

Our experts will be happy to answer any of your questions and, where required, will seek expertise from specialists to give you the most comprehensive support.

What may you expect from the consultation?

We offer personalised, holistic and careful advice. We aim to inform you about the latest status of clinical research concerning our products and shall advise you which treatment options may be available with implant and therapy.
We aim to answer all of your questions and, where required, will seek further internal and external expertise to give you the most comprehensive support.

Technical issues are best addressed to our medical device consultants. Queries concerning cost and financing, warranties, availability of implant and therapy, finding a hospital for the implant procedure or clinical partners to guide you through therapy are also addressed.

Moreover, we will of course clarify all aspects of technical support, procedure and organisation of the therapy application.

We will not, however, be able to give you any advice on concrete medical issues regarding your diagnosis or specific condition. Also, we do not offer any legal counsel in relation to reimbursement applications.

You can decide for yourself, in which form you would like to receive consultation: via telephone, via email, via fax, or seek a personal conversation.

You can reach us over the phone
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