Patient Register from patient organization PRO RETINA - register for free now!

The year 2019 has a good start for patients with retinal degeneration: As of now, all those affected have free access to the patient registry!

What was previously reserved for members from the German patient organization PRO RETINA is now open to all concerned:
Free registration in the patient registry for retinal diseases is now possible regardless of a membership in PRO RETINA.
Worldwide, children and adults of all ages are affected by eye diseases that gradually degenerate the cells in the eye. Especially in the rare forms such as Retinitis pigmentosa, Usher syndrome and Stargardt's disease genetic factors play an important role. These diseases are not treatable and over time lead to an irreversible vision loss, which poses a major emotional, social and economic challenge. Clinical studies give cause for optimism. Researchers and doctors regularly report about successful breakthroughs in ophthalmology. Nevertheless, the development of therapies requires continuous review and updating of standards.
With the patient registry, those affected have the opportunity to actively support research in ophthalmology.
As Retina Implant, we endorse this excellent way of forwarding research.
Further details can be found in the press release by PRO RETINA Germany.