Pictured: The board members of Retina Implant AG: Jürgen Klein, Dr. Alfred Stett and Reinhard Rubow (from left to right), Copyright: Retina Implant AG

New members join top-management of Reutlingen medical device company

(Press Release) Reutlingen, 2nd February 2017. Two new members, Jürgen Klein and Dr. Alfred Stett, have joined the executive board of Retina Implant AG. Speaker of the board of the Reutlingen-based medical device company is Reinhard Rubow. The change  became effective as of 1 January 2017. The company produces subretinal implants for patients suffering from the degenerative retinal disease retinitis pigmentosa and offers the first outpatient therapy-option with a system for transcorneal electrostimulation.

Jürgen Klein and Dr. Alfred Stett are experienced specialists who joined the executive board of Retina Implant AG on 1 January 2017. They will be supporting Reinhard Rubow, who had been the company’s sole board member since last October. Over the past six months, Klein and Stett have already been working successfully for Retina Implant AG - in a consulting capacity. “With Jürgen Klein and Dr. Alfred Stett we are very well equipped for the road ahead; to make the leap from a research-focussed to a more sales- and market-oriented company”, says Retina Implant co-founder Reinhard Rubow about the new trio managing the Reutlingen-based company.

With his 40 years of professional experience and many years of responsibility as a marketing and sales director, Jürgen Klein will support the company with his vast experience in the international sales of complex medical devices. At Retina Implant AG he will be responsible for the sales and marketing of products designed to slow disease-progression in patients suffering from retinitis pigmentosa, or provide patients who have gone blind with some degree of useful vision with the implant. Klein: “Look at all the things a person loses when they lose their eyesight. The bold idea of Retina Implant to tackle this problem with innovative technology is very exciting and I am looking forward to the opportunity to further develop this impressive project.”

Dr. Alfred Stett is a biophysicist with many years of experience and expertise in electrostimulation and neuro-technology. Right from the start he had been playing a significant role at the research and technology-transfer institutes involved in the development of the retinal implant and the transcorneal electrostimulation. At Retina Implant AG he is now responsible for the further product development. For Stett, the path ahead is clear: “After nearly 15 years of research and development we know: we are working on the implant and therapy with the goal of offering people who suffer from retinitis pigmentosa a beacon of hope.” In addition, electrostimulation offers even more opportunities of developing therapies for degenerative retinal diseases.

About Retina Implant AG
The Reutlingen-based medical device company Retina Implant AG was founded in 2003 and currently has around 40 employees. Its highly innovative products, the retinal implant Alpha AMS and the OkuStim® system, are designed for patients suffering from the degenerative retinal disease retinitis pigmentosa. While the electronic chip can provide patients who have gone blind with some degree of useful vision, transcorneal electrostimulation is designed to slow down the process of going blind and preserve eyesight for a longer period of time.