An implant user talks about experience with the retinal implant in DIE ZEIT (German weekly newspaper)

Mr. Mai * has been blind for five years due to the genetic disease retinitis pigmentosa. At the end of 2016, he received the subretinal implant developed by Retina Implant at the Friedrichstadt Hospital in Dresden. In December, Mr. Mai met with Dr. Dirk Asendorpf to talk about his experience with his disease and the use of the retina implant.
Mai talks about the subtle development of the disease, which not only took his sight but also his favorite hobby: painting. He explains why he chose the RETINA IMPLANT Alpha AMS as "one last act of resistance against the disease". Mai also reports on his everyday use with this therapy option. He had a particularly moving experience last year on a holiday trip through the Norwegian fjords. With the help of the implant, he could see the contours of a fjord that suddenly filled with color through his memories: "I still have the pictures all in my head. I know how a fjord would look like."
Read the detailed interview published in the weekly newspaper  DIE ZEIT (issue no. 51/2017) and ZEIT Online, including further information on the subretinal retinal implant RETINA IMPLANT Alpha AMS:

* Name changed at the request of the patient