Retina Implant AG at the AAD in Düsseldorf

We warmly invite you to visit us for our talk:
Subretinal Implants and Therapies for retinitis pigmentosa
Thursday, 16th March 2017, Room 112, 12:15-13:45
Moderation: Reinhard Rubow, CEO Retina Implant AG

Featuring presentations from

PD Dr. Helmut Sachs, Dresden
The Surgery of the Subretinal Implant Alpha AMS – Evolution of a New Surgical Technique

Prof. Dr. Eberhart Zrenner, Tübingen
Visual Function Following Implantation of the RIAAMS In Blind RP-Patients

Dr. Alfred Stett, Reutlingen
Subretinal implants - What is technically feasible?

PD Dr. Andreas Schatz, Stuttgart
The Effects of Transcorneal Electrical Stimulation in Patients with retinitis pigmentosa – Results of the a long-term study