We will accompany you on your path to RETINA IMPLANT Alpha AMS from the very beginning to post-treatment.


Individual consultation

We are happy to answer all your questions about the implant in a personal consultation session. We will help you find a doctor or a clinic, and will help you throughout the remaining stages of the process. Please contact us directly. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Individual counselling


Initial examination

Retina Implant AG does not offer any diagnostics itself. The initial examination takes place in one of our RI Competence Centres where it will be determined whether you are suitable for an implant or not. You will also have the opportunity during your appointment to speak with one of our Patient Care Managers.  The Patient Care Manager will provide information on how the implant works, how it is handled in addition to post-treatment and training. Together we will discuss the expectations you have along with preparing the subsequent training individually for you.

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Clarification of finances

Treatment with the RETINA IMPLANT Alpha AMS in Germany is usually funded by statutory health insurers within the framework of the NUB process (New Examination and Treatment methods). The clinic has to submit an individual application for each patient (whether statutory or privately insured).

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The implantation of the RETINA IMPLANT Alpha AMS is one of the most demanding operations in ophthalmology. It will be performed under general anaesthesia only by very experienced surgeons who have been trained specifically in this area. The surgery consists of two phases: an extraocular phase for placement of the receiver coil (necessary for the power supply and control of the implant), as well as an intraocular phase, in which the light-sensitive chip – the central part of our implant – is placed as precisely as possible below the fovea centralis where visual acuity is highest.

Both phases take about 3-4 hours each to complete.

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Post-treatment and training

As with any major surgery, you should avoid overly exerting yourself during the first few days after implantation. Four weeks after implantation we will activate the implant, at which point a Patient Care Manager will be present.

We have developed a rehabilitation concept that can be individually adapted to you and your learning progress. Training normally takes place in an environment familiar to you, usually at your home. Our experienced trainers will help you to use the implant in every-day situations such as at home, while eating and going out.  We will show you how the implant can help you with orientation outside, around your home and further afield.