Our vision and mission

Our vision and mission

After fifteen years of research and development it is certain: a person who loses their sight through degenerative retinal disease does not have to remain without a therapy-option. With our RI Implants and RI Therapies we want to achieve what, until now, appeared to be impossible: we are researching and developing opportunities to help people suffering from retinitis pigmentosa. It is our goal to retain their residual vision or give them back a certain degree of sight.

What does Retina Implant provide for patients and medicine?

With the help of our subretinal chip people without useful sight have the chance to regain a certain amount of useful vision, which in some cases may even enable them to recognize letters or outlines of persons and objects (*).

This enables them to detect obstacles earlier and reduce insecurity in spatial orientation.

Moreover, ophthalmologists and eye hospitals are able to offer retinitis pigmentosa patients with residual vision an electrostimulation therapy that can slow down the degenerative process of the disease.

* For various underlying reasons not all patients will be able to experience the same benefit.

How everything began

In the mid-90s Professor Eberhart Zrenner developed a bold vision: to build a camera chip small enough to be implanted under the retina in the eye. At that point in time, it appeared technically absolutely impossible. This light sensitive chip was supposed to replace the function of lost photoreceptor cells in the retina by converting light into electrical pulses and thus enable vision.

A consortium of different academic groups and research institutions managed to deliver the complex basic research – mainly enabled by federal and country-level research funds.

Since 2003, business angels provided the necessary funding for the developement of prototypes, clinical trials and certification.

In 2004 Retina Implant was incorporated and the technical realisation began, led by Dr. Walter-G. Wrobel as chairman of the executive board and Dipl.-Kfm. Reinhard Rubow as member of the board.

Milestones of success



Incorporation of the company
Retina Implant wins the international GeneStartBiotech Award of Baden Württemberg, Germany



Completion of a prototype



Implantation through a new passage into the subretinal space of the eye



Patient without light perception is enabled to recognise letters with the subretinal implant and achieves visual acuity of 0.021



The subsidiary company Okuvision GmbH is founded



Okuvision receives the CE-mark for the class IIa OkuStim®-System



Retina Implant receives the CE-mark for the Alpha IMS subretinal implant



Retina Implant AG receives the CE-mark for the subretinal implant RETINA IMPLANT Alpha AMS - Okuvision receives the recertification of the CE-mark for the class IIa OkuStim®-System



Founding partner Reinhard Rubow takes up company leadership together with Jürgen Klein and Dr. Alfred Stett
Number of employees increases to 45
Retina Implant and Okuvision merge under the name of the parent company Retina Implant AG

Where we are today

Retina Implant is a not-publicly listed, stockholding company. The shares are mainly held by private, non-institutional investors – so called business angels. The company is led by an executive board of Reinhard Rubow (speaker of the board), Jürgen Klein and Dr. Alfred Stett. Get to know us