What keeps us going: Innovative medical technology for you

What keeps us going: Innovative medical technology for you

Through research and development at Retina Implant, we aim to harness technological innovation at the boundaries of biology, physics and medicine to achieve a continuous improvement of visual perception and an ever increasing lifespan of our implants.

Complementary capabilities spur development


Through strategic collaboration with numerous research institutions, eye high-tech suppliers and hospitals over the past few years, Retina Implant AG has been able to develop a unique suite of capabilities for subretinal implants - ranging from material sciences, over micro-manufacturing and electrical engineering, through clinical studies up to marketing approval.


We offer an active subretinal implant system with a 3,2 x 4 mm small light sensitive microchip comprising 1600 active electrodes.


We are constantly working on reaching more and more people suffering from retinitis pigmentosa with our RI OkuStim®-Therapy. We want offer patients with residual vision an option to slow down the progression of the disease.

The RI OkuStim®-Therapy is safe and leads to an objectively measurable improvement of retinal activity.

Working with us on creating a better future

At Retina Implant we are passionate about the constant improvement and further development of our technologies. We are always looking for new talent to share our vision and join our growing team.

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