for a window of hope

for a window of hope

We help people who suffer from retinitis pigmentosa to retain their residual vision for longer or regain a certain degree of useful sight.

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What is retinitis pigmentosa?

Retinitis pigmentosa (RP) refers to a heterogeneous group of hereditary retinal diseases, which cause the gradual degeneration of retinal photoreceptor cells in the eye.


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How we can help with RP

Our Electrical stimulation therapy offers a chance to positively influence the progression of the disease. With our worldwide unique retinal implant blind people have the chance to regain a degree of visual perception.

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How we support doctors

For ophthalmologists and surgeons we have a separate area on this website with information for further professional development. A login is required to access this content.

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RI Therapies

RP Fighting Blindess Report on Latest Trial Results

Transcorneal electrical stimulation safely tolerated over one year in patients with RP.

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Retina Implant

The New Retina Implant

The new Retina Implant AG spans as one brand over two lines of products – implant and therapy for retinitis pigmentosa (RP).

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RI Therapies

Information Event Presenting Trial Results

In the 1/2017 edition of their newsletter, PRO RETINA reported on an information event in which the results of all clinical trials and studies were presented to patients who took part in the research.

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Retina Implant AG

What in the mid-90s was still a bold vision of medical-technological research is reality today: a camera chip, so small that it can be implanted under the retina in the eye.
Retina Implant AG develops and manufactures such implants and therapies for people with hereditary degenerative eye conditions. Our motivation is to help people, who until now were losing sight and had no therapy option, with innovative medical technology and to open “a window of hope” for them.

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